Here is how we do it

Let`s try not to get too technical. But there is a lot of technology involved. After initial concept sketches done by pen and paper, the designs get transposed into a procedually oriented computer graphics software package called “Houdini” designed for cinematic visiual effects work by Side Effects Software.

The advantages in doing so are a numerous. Considering we live in an age of being able to play games at an online casino or buy grocery shopping at a click of a button, it is natural that we would want to use advanced technologies when making wallpaper. First of all, the resulting vector art is resolution independent, but more importantly, it allows us to change not only all details of the designs, such as line width, variations of line styles etc, but every aspect of the drawing without redrawing the the picture all over.
The math does a lot of work for us, at least in theory. We preview more variation and styles than we could do otherwise, which results in a better product. And it allows us to create wallpaper designs that have no repeating patterns for the enitre length of a roll.