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About handmade wallpaper

Handmade Wallpaper was founded in 2008. It offers simple, yet detailed graphic wallcoverings with contemporary motifs. Its current collection persists of 6 designs inspired by classical printmaking techniques such as woodcutting and lithography. The designs are meant to give a handmade feel, even if sometimes it makes use of software to generate playful ornaments. As printing technique we prefer silkscreen printing over inkjet printers, but sometimes we need to use a digital printer to reproduce the level of detail in the designs. Simplicity in color and fine contrasted parallel lines and high level of detail are our primary goals. Our main inspirations are the printmaker M.C. Escher, as well as Islamic patterns and the underlying science on how elements are ordered on a microscopic level. But some of the designs are less scientific but rather playful and a bit surreal.
Designed to decrease the hassle of maching up patterns and repeats, these wallpaper are easy to hang, since the strip repeats are random for some patterns and very flexible for the others. If you are interested in reading about the design process, click here.

About the designer

Alex Stephan was born in Mannheim, south Germany. He learned how to design from Professors that studied themselves at HFG Ulm. After designing furniture in the 90s for a spanish company, he emigrated to Canada in 1998 to work as a technical director in the visual effects Film industry. His credits as technical director includes movies such as “Charlie and the Choccolate Factory” directed by Tim Burton, and “Troy” directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

More recently he started applying his attention to detail and the software skills aquired in film post-production to his original profession, interior design.